Add More Sources scans news sites across the Web and brings you the most prominent headline from each in a mobile-friendly format.

We've pre-populated the homepage with 10 sources. But you can add, remove, and reorder the sources to your liking on the 'settings' page.

The app should work in any browser, but it's optimized for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. Users on other mobile browsers may see a stripped-down version of the app.

This is an experiment by The Wall Street Journal, and we'd appreciate your thoughts as we continue building the app. To report a bug, or request an additional source or provide other feedback, please click here.

Colophon: uses jQuery, Underscore.js, Respond.js, Google Analytics, and a fork of John Resig's Pretty Date on the front-end; and Node.js, CoffeeScript, Stylus, and Jade on the back-end. Built and maintained by Jeremy Singer-Vine. (Version 0.1)

Note: All changes are saved instantly.
Automatically check for new headlines (every three minutes).
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